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Grip Wax Kit Sale

Bike Trials Catalog

Inspired Flow Plus 24" Bike
$1,199.00 - $1,525.00

The Inspired Flow Plus 24" street trials bike offers excellent value for… [more]

Clean X2 20" Bike

- Lightweight top-end 20" bike from Spanish brand Clean. - Developed and… [more]

Czar Neuron 24" Bike

- Czar's Neuron bike bridges the gap between trials and BMX with quality… [more]

Nordic Ski Catalog

Solda Fluor Plus Dice

This small package of potential speed is used as a rub-on top coat when it… [more]

Solda HP05
$80.00 - $135.00

An extremely popular top coat because it out-performs everything else on… [more]

Solda HP06
$80.00 - $135.00

Solda HP06 is a fluoro powder that is designed for use when snow… [more]