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High FluoroCarbon Waxes

11 Results
Solda F31 Ski Wax
$16.20 - $120.00
$27.00 - $120.00

- Solda's F31 glide wax is one of the fastest high-flourine waxes available. - Excels in high humidity (>60%). - Can be used alone or as a base for pure fluorocarbons. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 250g blocks. Yellow: -1° to +1°C, 30° to 34°F For snow conditions near or above freezing. Works best… [more]

Solda F40 Carbon Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

- High performance glide wax from Solda. - Ideal wax for conditions of high humidity. - F40 Carbon replaces the familiar F40 Top Race. - Carbon additive has been found to equal the old F40 in new and newly transformed snow and to exceed the older product in old, abrasive or dirty snow. - Available… [more]

Solda F40 Special Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

- Super high performance glide wax from Solda. - Ideal wax for very long races when you wish to keep glide advantage as long as possible. - Also great for when you wish to have the utmost performance, regardless of the length of the race. - Very high content of the same nearly pure fluro-powder… [more]

Solda F40 Ski Wax
$42.00 - $96.75
$56.00 - $129.00

- Developed by Solda for serious racers when speed is important. - F40 Top Race works great in high humidity conditions. - A great choice for new or newly transformed snow conditions and the humidity is over 60% - Available in 60g and 180g blocks. Yellow Snow Temp: 28° to 34°F (-2° to +1°C) Air… [more]

Swix LF3X Cold Powder

- A very hard powder wax from Swix with a high content of fluorocarbon. - Works best when the snow is very fine-grained and very cold. - Also helps to reduce base abrasion on cold, aggressive snow. - Easier to apply and scrape. - Ideal for -10ºC to -32ºC (14ºF to -25ºF). - Recommended iron… [more]

Toko HF Hot Wax

- Highly fluorinated racing wax to meet the highest demands. The wax used by World Cup stars! - Tribloc technology for excellent sliding properties. - Very high fluorine content for maximum water and dirt repellency - Unmatched degree of hold. - Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for Top… [more]

Solda F70 Ski Wax

- Super high performance glide wax from Solda. - Ideal for high humidity (50-100%). - Available in 35g deoderant style stick for easy application. Yellow: 0° to -4°C (32° to 25°F) Red: -3° to -10°C (27° to 14°F) [more]

Solda MX75 Powder

- Super high performance wax powder from Solda. - Ideal for high humidity (50-100%) - Available in 30g powder container. Yellow: 0° to -1°C (32° to 30°F) Red: -3° to -10°C (27° to 14°F) [more]

Swix HF-X High Fluor Wax

Swix HF wax is a high fluor content racing wax. HF4 Green -12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -26ºF). A new cold wax with nano technology specially developed for dry friction conditions. The advantage of fluor in these temperatures is most present when the air humidity is high, meaning above 80%. Recommended… [more]

START HF High Fluor Glider Wax

Start high fluor gliders are suitable for all snow conditions, when humidity is between 55% - 75%, or as a glider under fluor powders and blocks. 60g HF60 Violet -2°...-7°C (28°...19°F) 55%...75% Humidity Iron Temp = 120°C (248°F) HF70 Blue -6°...-12°C (21°...10°F) 55%...75% Humidity Iron Temp =… [more]

Swix HF Marathon Warm Wax

A hard, durable glide wax for long distance cross country racing. Developed especially for wet dirty contaminated snow. High Fluor content. The hard consistency absorbs less dirt in wet conditions and works well in cold conditions. BW additive is for reduced friction against dirt particles. The BW… [more]

11 Results
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