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Glide Waxes

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Solda Paste Wax

- Solda's Paste Wax is affordable and easy to apply. - Comes in three temperature ranges for varying conditions. - Gives you maximum glide for minimal waxing effort. - Apply cold (no iron required) with enclosed sponge. - Sold in 75ml tubes. Yellow: Air Temperature +15° to 0°C Red: Air Temperature… [more]

Solda Punta Coda Universal Wax

- Solda's Punta Coda wax is a simple, universal paste that works in a wide range of snow temps. - When you don't have time to hot wax the skis, spread a thin layer of Punta Coda, let it dry and polish with a clean cloth. [more]

Solda Fluor Paste

- An easy to apply fluorine paste that's excellent on humid and wet snow. - Can be used as a start accelerator or a waxing corrective for the second run, or on that day when you just don't have time to apply hot wax. - Supplied with a foam applicator. - Apply the paste to the base in a thin coat… [more]

Solda HC.1 Ski Wax

Solda HC1 are economical paraffin-based waxes that do not contain fluorine. They are great for training, prepping ski bases and for travel waxing. Each HC1 wax comes with a free sample of SOLDA F-15 low fluor wax. 4 waxes to choose from. Yellow: Snow temp -1 to +1C, 30 to 34F For warm days when the… [more]

Solda UniWax

- Easy to use paste wax. - Apply with foam applicator, let dry, buff with a clean cloth and ski. - No ironing or scraping required. - Suitable for all kinds of snow and temperatures at medium humidity. - Includes applicator sponge. - 75ml tube. [more]

Solda F15 Medium Fluor Ski Wax
$10.80 - $62.00
$18.00 - $70.00

- Solda F15 is a great race wax choice on days of low to medium humidity (40-70%) and for training on those days you really want to feel fast. - F15 line contains a lower percentage of Fluorine than F31, making it more economical. - Same temperature ranges as the F31 line. - 60g box comes with a… [more]

Swix CH-X Hydrocarbon Wax

Swix CH-X wax is an economic training and racing wax as well as an all round base prep wax. CH4 Green -12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -26ºF). For extreme cold conditions, can be used alone as a race wax when the air humidity is low. Performs very well on artificial snow and has great durability.… [more]

Solda OK Liquid Wax

- Liquid wax for all kinds of snow conditions and temperature. - Easy to apply cold with supplied sponge. - Shake before application, then apply to clean base. Wait 2-3 minutes then polish. - Can also be used as an anti-icing wax for fish scale skis. - 75ml. [more]

Solda Eco Jet Wax

- Solda Eco Jet wax is designed with environmentally friendly ingredients to minimize your impact. - Formulated from beeswax and vegetable waxes. - No harsh fluorocarbons or hydrocarbons. - Low melting point (80ºC) makes application easy and fast. - Ideal in temperatures from 3ºC to -11ºC. - 60g… [more]

Solda World Cup Performance Ski Wax
$14.00 - $28.00

- Solda's famous Performance line of high quality low-fluor wax. - Ideal for training and as a base for Solda F-15 and F-31 waxes. - This is the wax we use for 90% of our training here in Bend, Oregon. - Available in 75g, 180g or 250g sizes. Yellow Snow temp: 27 to 33F (-3 to +1 C) / Air temp: 19… [more]

Solda Powerjet Ski Waxes
$16.00 - $92.00

These convenient solids are great for rubbing onto your skis just before the start. You rub the solid onto your ski, cork in, then brush. It is quick and easy to use - and you don't have to worry about spills. This 5 gram size is good for waxing 5-8 pairs of skis. (We also have the 22 gram size,… [more]

START LF Low Fluor Glider Wax
$20.00 - $44.00

- Start low fluorinated gliders are suitable for all snow conditions when humidity is less than 55%. - Also works as a base glider for high fluorinated glide waxes. - 60g container. LF06 Violet -3°...-8°C (27°...18°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp 120°C (248°F) LF8 Blue -7°...-12°C (20°...10°F)… [more]

START SG Glider Wax
$20.00 - $22.00

SG-gliders are non-fluorinated and efficient basic gliders. Used for racing as base gliders, when humidity is < 55%. The Start SG10 Green is the "Start Green" that made Start famous. Start Green should be in every skiers wax box for those super cold days. 90g Purple -1°...-7°C (30°...19°F) 0%...55%… [more]

Solda Base Universal

- Solda's Base Universal is a wide range hydrocarbon wax that saturates bases easily. - We use this as a first layer on skis that show up in the shop neglected and in need of some love. - Apply a layer and scrape when it is still hot. - Works great as a cleaning wax when applied before storage. -… [more]

Solda F15 Liquid Ski Wax

- Solda's tried and true F15 wax, now available in liquid form! - Liquid wax with sponge tip allows for easy application. - Ideal for use in 40-80% humidity. - Great for making wax corrections mid-ski. If conditions have changed or you waxed wrong for the day, this wax can be easily and quickly… [more]

Solda Techno Ski Wax
$20.00 - $24.00

- High quality wide range training and ski prep wax from Solda. - Sold in 500g blocks. Red Snow temp -3 to -10C Air temp +1 to -14C Green Snow temp. -10 to -20C Air temp. -6 to -24C [more]

Swix Liquid Glide Wax

- Easy and fast to apply. - Can be used from tip to tail. - Shake before use, polish for best results. - Also works well as an anti-icing wax for fish scale skis. - 80ml. Red: 0ºC to 10ºC Violet: 1ºC to -6ºC Blue: -4ºC to -15ºC [more]

Toko LF Hot Wax

- Low-fluorinated hot wax for races and practice sessions in all disciplines. - Tribloc technology for excellent sliding properties - High degree of hold - Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for Top Finish products - Used as a base wax and base layer for HF waxes during racing events -… [more]

Toko NF Hot Wax

- Ecological HydroCarbon wax for training and base care. - Biodegradable. - Without the addition of fluorine. - Ideal for practice sessions and ambitious amateurs. - Resealable wax case. - 120g. Black Used as a base wax or mixed as an additive. DLC additive for high degree of dirt repellency and… [more]

Solda HC28 Hydrocarbon Wax
$25.00 - $45.00

Solda HC28 is a Hydrocarbon-based skiwax with a Carbon additive; the perfect ski wax for renewing graphite ski bases. An optimum base for F31/F15. Iron it on. Clean the iron very carefully while still hot. Gives renewed shine and lubricates worn out ski bases. It is also a great start for dirty… [more]

Swix Graphite Cold

- A low fluoro wax ideal for cold, abrasive, and dry conditions. - Works best in temperatures of -6ºC to -12ºC (21ºF to 10ºF). - Sold in 60g block. [more]

Solda UF7 Low Fluor Ski Wax
$28.00 - $180.00

- One of our favorites in the Solda wax line. - An economical, low fluoro wax with a very wide temperature and snow crystal range. - After a long day of skiing we often brush the bases and apply a layer of UF7 and set the skis aside until the next ski day. - Also works great as a base for many race… [more]

Solda Linea Super Ski Wax

- Solda Linea is an excellent hydrocarbon ski wax for conditions of low and mid air humidity. - Works well in all types of snow. - Also saturates bases well and can be used to prep the bases of new skis or as storage waxes. - Sold in 500g blocks. Yellow Snow: -2 to 1C / Air: -2 to +5C Pink Snow: -8… [more]

Solda Ski Oil

- Solda's Ski Oil requires no ironing, brushing or scraping. - Put a few drops of Ski Oil on the enclosed sponge and polish for 30-60 seconds. Let it dry for a few minutes then polish with a clean cloth and you are ready to go. - Can be applied to a wet ski base but applying to dry bases is… [more]

Swix LF-X Low Fluor Wax

Swix LF Low Fluor Waxes are probably the most popular wax in the nordic world. LF4 Green -12ºC to -32ºC (14ºF to -25ºF). For use alone at low humidity at very cold temperatures and harsh man-made snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC. LF5 Turquoise -8ºC to -14ºC (18ºF to 7ºF). New in… [more]

Solda F40 Carbon Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

The F40 Carbon waxes are the latest high quality, high fluoro glide waxes developed and tested by Solda of Italy for nordic and alpine skiing in conditions of high humidity. The F40 Carbon replaces the familiar F40 Top Race. The carbon additive has been found to equal the old F40 in new and newly… [more]

Solda F40 Special Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

SOLDA has done it again. They have created a new glide wax formula that could enhance both glide quality and durability. The new hard wax blocks are called F40 SPECIAL. Here is what the guys in Italy have told us: F40 SPECIAL has a very high content of the same nearly pure fluoro-powder that… [more]

Solda S-20 Antistatic Powder

Solda S20 Antistatic Powder works great in dry conditions. S20 is most often used as a top coat in cold, windblown natural snow, or artificial snow in dry, cold conditions. S20 over a base of Solda HC28 runs very well when the snow is down between 15 and -4F. S20 has often been a winner at Boulder… [more]

Solda FC27 Ski Wax
$34.00 - $70.00

- Solda Fluor Carbon 27 wax is the ideal base layer for Solda glide waxes in high humidity. - Helps to saturate ski base with graphite dry lubricant and it helps reduce static. - Contains a fluorine additive, making it an excellent choice for all snow types. - Optimum base layer for Solda F31 and… [more]

Solda F15 Paste Ski Wax

- Solda's F15 paste is fast and easy to apply! - Wax paste can be easily applied to bases and kick zones (fish scales). - Ideal for use in 40-80% humidity. - Great for making wax corrections mid-ski. If conditions have changed or you waxed wrong for the day, this wax can be easily and quickly… [more]

53 Results
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