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23 Results
Solda Tape
$4.00 - $5.00
$5.00 - $6.00

- Adhesive tape with Solda logos. - Great for waxing classic skis, taping skis together for traveling, or just about anything else you need some tape for. - Available in paper or plastic. [more]

Skadi Boot Buddy

- Skadi Boot Buddies help keep snow from clogging up the bars on your boot before and after you ski. - Eliminates the need to try to tap and dig out the ice just so you can step into your binding. - Boot Buddies extend beyond the toe allowing for a firm grip for removal. - Available for Pilot and… [more]

Salomon SNS Wedge
$8.00 - $10.00
$14.00 - $18.00

- Designed to fit between an SNS binding and the skate ski. - Creates 5mm of lift under the forefoot to improve edge control, enhance ski acceleration, and enable a longer glide. - Sold in standard width and 60mm width. - 60mm version provides additional stability and control through extra width… [more]

Toko Carbon Grip Spray

Spray-on liquid klister wax from Toko. - Easy spray-on application. - 70ml Silver For coarse grained and wet snow near 0ºC Orange For moist and coarse grained snow between 0ºC and -2ºC. Violet For coarse grained and icy snow between -6ºC and -18ºC [more]

START Grip Tape

Start Grip Tape gives excellent grip for all conditions, eliminating the need to re-wax daily when conditions change. There is no need for extra waxing tools or special waxing rooms when adjusting Grip Tape. The Start Grip tape box includes all that is needed for applying the tape. The box has 5m… [more]

Solda Fluor Paste

- An easy to apply fluorine paste that's excellent on humid and wet snow. - Can be used as a start accelerator or a waxing corrective for the second run, or on that day when you just don't have time to apply hot wax. - Supplied with a foam applicator. - Apply the paste to the base in a thin coat… [more]

Solda F15 Medium Fluor Ski Wax
$10.80 - $62.00
$18.00 - $70.00

- Solda F15 is a great race wax choice on days of low to medium humidity (40-70%) and for training on those days you really want to feel fast. - F15 line contains a lower percentage of Fluorine than F31, making it more economical. - Same temperature ranges as the F31 line. - 60g box comes with a… [more]

START Grip Tape Cleaner

Get this to clean the Grip Tape off of your bases. 100ml Remove the Grip Tape with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. First moisten your scraper with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. Push the diagonal edge of the scraper towards the base. Draw the tape off. Clean the base with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. [more]

Solda F31 Ski Wax
$16.20 - $120.00
$27.00 - $120.00

These waxes all excel in high humidity (>60%). These waxes can be used alone or as a base for pure Fluorocarbons. One of the fastest high-flourine waxes available. Yellow: -1 to +1C, 30 to 34F For snow conditions near or above freezing. Works best in melting and transformed snow. Pink: -6 to 0C, 21… [more]

START LF Low Fluor Glider Wax
$20.00 - $44.00

- Start low fluorinated gliders are suitable for all snow conditions when humidity is less than 55%. - Also works as a base glider for high fluorinated glide waxes. - 60g container. LF06 Violet -3°...-8°C (27°...18°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp 120°C (248°F) LF8 Blue -7°...-12°C (20°...10°F)… [more]

Pro-Ski S5e Wheel
$25.00 - $38.00

Replacement wheels for Swix and Pro-Ski S5e rollerskis. - 25mm wide and 100 mm tall. - Aluminum hub is bonded to a black rubber that provides good pavement grip and smooth skate ski action. - Tall wheel rolls over small foreign matter on the road surface better than smaller diameter wheels. -… [more]

Rex Grip Wax Kits
$56.00 - $60.00

Get started with Rex kick wax NOW! Our Rex Grip Wax Kits give you all the hard kick waxes you need to get started down the classic track. The "Grip" kit comes with all 6 Rex Grip waxes PLUS Rex Base Wax. For the racers, the "Pro Grip" Kit comes with all 4 of the Rex Pro Grip fluorinated waxes. Save… [more]

Solda Ski Oil

- Solda's Ski Oil requires no ironing, brushing or scraping. - Put a few drops of Ski Oil on the enclosed sponge and polish for 30-60 seconds. Let it dry for a few minutes then polish with a clean cloth and you are ready to go. - Can be applied to a wet ski base but applying to dry bases is… [more]

Solda F40 Carbon Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

The F40 Carbon waxes are the latest high quality, high fluoro glide waxes developed and tested by Solda of Italy for nordic and alpine skiing in conditions of high humidity. The F40 Carbon replaces the familiar F40 Top Race. The carbon additive has been found to equal the old F40 in new and newly… [more]

Solda F40 Special Ski Wax
$31.20 - $160.00
$52.00 - $160.00

SOLDA has done it again. They have created a new glide wax formula that could enhance both glide quality and durability. The new hard wax blocks are called F40 SPECIAL. Here is what the guys in Italy have told us: F40 SPECIAL has a very high content of the same nearly pure fluoro-powder that… [more]

Solda F40 Ski Wax
$42.00 - $96.75
$56.00 - $129.00

For serious racers when speed is important! A ton of independent testing has shown that Solda Fluors are consistently the fastest waxes available. Solda F40 Top Race high fluor waxes work great in high humidity conditions. This would be the choice when snow conditions are new, or newly transformed… [more]

Salomon Profil Skate Binding

A standard bumper system skate binding from Salomon Nordic System. This binding has been the standard for many years and it still works. The rubber flexor in front of the boot keeps the ski close to the foot. No moving parts to malfunction. It is the current binding used by many skiers for… [more]

START N1 Fluor Liquid

N-line gliders are new technology nano fluorgliders. These special gliders are suitable for high humidity, and wet snow conditions. - For wet snow, can be used under powder,or on top of the powder. +10°...+1°C (50°...34°F) 75%...100% humidity [more]

Fischer Superlight Zero - 2012

World Cup technology trickles down to the Fischer Superlight Zero ski. The Fischer RCS Zero ski has been tested and proven on the World Cup. The Superlight is a recreational classic ski with the zero material in the kick zone. Under foot is a softer material that gets fuzzy when sanded with 100… [more]

Fischer RCR Skate Vasa - 2013

Fischer uses all of its World Cup knowledge and experience to build the RCR Skate Vasa for the demanding recreational racer. The RCR has the same side cut and World Cup Plus base as its more expensive race class cousins. The air core and speed tip make this a light ski – 1250g for 187cm - , and the… [more]

Madshus Nano Carbon Classic Zero - 2011

We only have a few of these babies left. Get some Zero condition skis for your quiver! [more]

Fischer RCS Classic Plus - 2012

For many years this was the choice of racers around the world for easy kick and dependable, fast glide. The 812 camber keeps the kick-wax off the snow when gliding, but comes down quickly when weighted. They are light, weighing in at 1090 grams for 197cm ski. The camber is identical to the even… [more]

Fischer RCS Carbon Skate Boot - 14/15

Fischer's new top of the line skate boot is stiffer, lighter and faster! A number of top athletes including Andy Newall, Kikkan Randall, Simi Hamilton, Sadie Bjornsen, Sophie Caldwell and Ben Saxon who had long time relationships with other boot companies tried the Fischer Carbon Skate and made a… [more]

23 Results