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Bike Trials FAQ is the biggest trials dealer in the US. We import Echo, Inspired, Trialtech, Jitsie, Crewkerz, Racing Line, TNN and many more trials brands and we've got more trials bikes, frames, and parts than anybody in the country. We have a real brick and mortar shop, with real mechanics, real tools, and real inventory. As you might expect, we get a lot of questions about bike trials. We've created this Bike Trials FAQ page to try and answer some of the most common questions people have when first exploring the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Trials

Do I Need a Trials Bike to Learn Trials?

Mod vs. Stock vs. 24"

Riding Styles: Street vs. TGS vs. Competition

Tire Pressure

Trials Gearing

Rim Grinding

What Length Stem Should I Run?

Front Freewheel vs. Freehub

Rim Brakes vs. Disc Brakes

What Should I Learn First?

Where Else Can I Learn About Bike Trials?