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This is exciting! After 20 years in business, and 18 years of being in our current building, it is time to move! At least that's the plan....still need to cross the Ts and dot the Is....and things could fall apart....but things seem to be coming together. I'd say we are at about a 98% confidence level right now....We decided we'd have a little fun with this, so we let everyone take a guess as to our next location. Everyone who fills out the form and takes a guess will be entered into a drawing for all sorts of great prizes at our Grand Opening party. Correct answers guessed before Feb 9th have all been recorded and will go into a special drawing for a couple of really great prizes, including a brand new pair of Fischer nordic skis hand picked just for you at their Austrian Factory.  But anyone else can still enter (you just won't be in the 'extra special drawing' for getting it right, just the standard raffle). Watch our Facebook page for the next week as we start to give hints. We'll announce our new location - the BIG REVEAL - next week!

Just fill out the form below, make your best guess as to where we are moving, and then click 'Submit'. And please be specific on your guess. Answers like 'Bend' or 'the west side' aren't going to be considered correct. You need to guess a very specific location or 'the Newport Market building' (not correct) or '550 SW Industrial Way' or 'the Box Factory' (hopefully not). 

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