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Waxing Tools & Accessories

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Solda Graphite Base Repair Stick

This special soft material spreads and grips easily. - Melt with soldering iron or a household iron. - Repairs with this soft graphite are a little less durable than with Base Black Hard Graphite. - Hard graphite sticks are a little more durable for base repair. - Heat up and let drop or apply with… [more]

Solda Wax ID Stickers

These handy stickers are used by coaches and clubs to identify the skier, kind of wax on the ski, the ski flex, base structure. There are 10 pair in a bag [more]

Solda Tape
$4.00 - $5.00
$5.00 - $6.00

- Adhesive tape with Solda logos. - Great for waxing classic skis, taping skis together for traveling, or just about anything else you need some tape for. - Available in paper or plastic. [more]

Solda Hand Cleaner

What the Italians use to get the sticky klister wax residue off of their hands! This stuff is amazing. A little goes a long way and it really works. Smells good too. When finished, the Italians go off to gather for a glass of wine. Hand cleaner comes in 75ml tube. [more]

WebSkis Scraper

- Our custom Webskis/Webcyclery shop scraper. - 3.5mm thick. - Hole so it can be hung for convenient storage. [more]

Swix Plexi Scraper
$7.00 - $7.50

- Great for wax removal from bases. - Handy cutout hole for hanging when not in use. - Available in 3mm or 4mm thicknesses. [more]

Swix T10 Synthetic Cork

Swix Synthetic Corks for corking in kick waxes and fluors and powders. Thi sis the standard model T10 which is great for everyday hard waxes and whatnot. [more]

Swix T12 Synthetic Cork

Swix T12 Synthetic Cork with a higher density is great for powders and fluors. [more]

Swix Sandpaper

Why do you need sandpaper? You should lightly sand paper your kick zone before applying kick waxes. You also want to use it on some zero skis every now and then to get better kick. 5pc. [more]

Swix T11 Synthetic Cork w/Sandpaper

Swix Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with Velcro®. A combi cork with sandpaper to be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax. The sand paper will make the kick wax adhere better to the base! [more]

Swix T151 Fiberlene
$9.00 - $64.00

To be used between iron and base. Protects the base from overheating colder waxes. Absorbs dirt and excess wax, and leaves a thin and uniform waxlayer. When you really want to clean your skis and polish them up, the Swix Fiberlene cloth is what you need. [more]

Swix T0080 Steel Scraper

There are times when a tool is needed for base peeling or the removal of base repair material. This flexible steel scraper is just the tool for these jobs. It is important to keep it sharp and to use with care. The improper use of a steel scraper can damage ski bases. [more]

START Grip Tape Cleaner

Get this to clean the Grip Tape off of your bases. 100ml Remove the Grip Tape with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. First moisten your scraper with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. Push the diagonal edge of the scraper towards the base. Draw the tape off. Clean the base with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. [more]

Swix Skin Cleaner Pack

- Swix Skin Cleaner was developed specifically to clean integrated skins in a gentle way, without affecting the skin glue. - Helps restore the properties of the skin and increases its efficiency. - To be used after skiing: Spray cleaner on paper and clean the skin in a tip-to-tail direction. - Kit… [more]

Toko GelClean Wax Remover Spray

An innovative wax remover gel for cleaning the kick zones of classic skis. - Removes even persistent GripWax and klister residue. - Ideal for removing GripSpray. - Available in 250ml aerosol can. [more]

Swix Citrus Solvent Base Cleaner
$16.00 - $28.00

Swix's Citrus Solvent is a 100% citrus-based product, which also is a strong solvent. - Formulated to minimize health and fire hazards. - Made from natural orange peel extract. - Biodegradable. - Available in 500ml liquid or 150ml aerosol containers. [more]

Swix T166B Brush

- The Swix F4 Combi brush is the ideal brush when applying any F4 product. - White felt for spreading the F4 product evenly on the base and for polishing. - Nylon for brushing and removing excess wax from the structure. - This combination can increase the durability of any F4 product. - Comfortable… [more]

Solda Cork Brush

This is one of our favorite brushes in the Solda line. Use this for cold application and polishing fluorocarbon top coat waxes. Work back and forth with medium hard strokes to create friction and force fluorocarbon powders or block applied waxes into the bases. - Natural cork working surface [more]

Solda Felt Brush

Use this brush for polishing fluorocarbons after corking for the fastest skis possible! [more]

Solda Nylon Brush

Use this brush to remove waxes from most base grinds after scraping. It will not damage structures. For many skiers this could be your only brush. • Medium brush bristles • Synthetic, durable fiber [more]

Solda Nylon Horsehair Brush

A little stiffer than the nylon brush. It is a combination of stiff nylon and soft horsehair bristles. Use this after scraping for removing warm waxes from coarse base structures. • Synthetic / natural hybrid • Stiff nylon combined with softer horse hair • Horse hair is non-conductive for static… [more]

Solda Scotchbrite Brush

Use this for cleaning ski bases after metal scraping or base repair. Cleaning bases starts with a metal brush. Follow this with back and forth cleaning with the Scotch Brite. Always finish with two tip to tail brushings. [more]

Solda Tampico Nylon Brush
$20.00 - $25.00

Use this brush to remove medium to warm waxes after scraping. It will also polish base surface like a shoeshine brush. • Natural / synthetic hybrid • Abrasive yet safe on base structures. This natural fiber will not damage structures. [more]

Solda Waxing Apron

Protect you clothes when waxing while wearing this apron. Black, high quality apron has two front pockets to hold your tools. Made of a poly/cotton blend, it is easily washable. Get an extra one for use in the kitchen. [more]

Solda Brass Wire Brush

Use for freshening bases before waxing. This is also a good first brush for cold waxes on a ski with a fine grind. We usually make 2-3 passes with the brass brush after scaping all cold/hard waxes. Then we continue with nylon or nylon/horsehair and we finish with the horsehair brush. • Fine, soft… [more]

Solda Horsehair Brush
$22.00 - $25.00

This is designed for the final brushing for cold waxes and all flourinated waxes. The soft horsehair bristles gently expose the base structure. The strap on the handle (of the large oval brush) helps control the tool and produce a glossy finish and fast skis. This can also be used for brushing out… [more]

Swix T157 Brush
$22.00 - $42.00

Ø ca. 0.15 mm. Second brush or all round brush on Cera F. 5 to 10 strokes. [more]

Swix T160 Brush
$22.00 - $45.00

Ø 0.12 mm. Polish brushes for all waxes. 5 to 10 strokes. [more]

Swix T158 Brush
$24.00 - $60.00

Ø 0.18 mm. Ø 0.18 mm. Used before each waxing. Can also be used as first brush after waxing. 10 strokes. [more]

Toko Wax Remover

A gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. - Removes wax residue as well as dirt and prepares the base for waxing. - Available in 500ml container. [more]

62 Results
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