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14 Results
Toko Carbon Grip Spray

Spray-on liquid klister wax from Toko. - Easy spray-on application. - 70ml Silver For coarse grained and wet snow near 0ºC Orange For moist and coarse grained snow between 0ºC and -2ºC. Violet For coarse grained and icy snow between -6ºC and -18ºC [more]

Toko Nordic Grip Spray

Toko Nordic Grip Spray makes classic waxing easier than ever before. The highlight of this revolutionary wax: Nordic GripSpray adapts intelligently to different snow conditions. Crosscountry skiers no longer need to worry about grip wax or klister conditions and in no time at all have a… [more]

Swix K21n Silver Universal Klister

The Swix K21n Silver Universal Klister is one of the most popular klisters in the world. +3°C to -5°C (38°F to 23°F). For mixed wet and dry snow conditions (fine/medium coarse) to coarse, moist snow. K21N is an older formula of K21S, but both are designed to work in the same conditions. [more]

Rode Klisters

RODE KLISTER Rode K10 Blue Special Klister - For hard, icy or coarse-grained snow with temperature between -6c° and -14c°. Ice Klister. This can also be used as a binder. Put down a thin layer, smooth, cool and then Klister of the day. Rode K20 Skare Blue Klister - For hard, icy or coarse-grained… [more]

Swix K21s Silver Universal Klister

+3°C to -5°C (38°F to 23°F). A very flexible klister with silver, working on both sides of freezing when conditions are changing between coarse and transformed moist to wet fine grained snow. The K21S is a newer formula of the K21N klister, but they are both designed for the same conditions.… [more]

Swix KR Klisters

KR20 BASE KLISTER. Green. -3°C to -25°C (27°F to -13°F). High wear resistance and adhesion. To be used as a first layer as a binder for other klisters or hardwaxes in very abrasive conditions. Can also be used alone for icy conditions at very cold temperatures. As a first layer klister, it should… [more]

START Base Klister

Start Base Klister – base klister to keep kickwaxing steady and prevent wax wearing. 55g [more]

START Universal Plus Klister

Start Universal Plus Klisteri – wet snow universal and blending klister +10°…+1°C. 55g [more]

START Universal Wide Klister

Start Universal Wide Klister – universal klister for variable snow conditions alone, or for blending with other klisters and soft kickwaxes +10°…-5°C 55g [more]

Swix K70 Red Quick Klister

Swix Red Quick Klister Spray - Quick and easy application; Push the applicator against the base, in the kick zone, and rub out. 5 fl. oz. Swix Red Quick Klister 0ºC to +15ºC (32ºF to 59ºF). For very wet granular snow. [more]

Swix K65 Quick Klister

- Swix Universal Quick Klister is a great option for touring skiers searching for rapid and convenient wax with reliable kick performance. - Good on coarse snow and when tracks are shiny. - Even more resistant and effective when used together with the Base Binder (V90). - Quick and easy… [more]

Rode Fluorinated Klisters

Rode Wax - Rode Fluorinated klisters have the same kick quality as the traditional Rode Klisters with superior glide, especially when there is more moisture at the air/snow level. We sell the following Rode Fluorinated Klister Wax: Violet Fast Fluor Klister – For coarse grained transformed snow and… [more]

Swix KN44 Nero Universal Klister

- Swix Nero universal klister. - Handles changing snow conditions very well and has great anti-icing properties. - Collects significantly less dirt from the snow than traditional klisters. - Provides a secure kick over longer time than traditional klisters, due to its special formulation. - Great… [more]

14 Results
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