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Kick Wax

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Solda Klister

While Solda is generally know for it's high quality glide waxes, they also offer three basic klisters at very reasonable prices. Silver klister is for wet, fresh snow or soft granular snow in air temps +2 to +8C. Red klister is for wet granular snow and thawing icy snow in temps right around… [more]

Rex Base Wax

Base kick wax from Finnish brand Rex. - Very sticky and durable base wax to be used under any grip wax. - The most durable result is achieved by applying with a waxing iron to roughened ski base. - 45g [more]

Rex Grip Wax

Basic grip wax from Rex. Red Silver 2ºC to 0ºC Great for warm temperatures. Red 1ºC to -1ºC Red kick wax for zero conditions. When mixed or used as a coating for klisters, gives great protection against icing on new or loose snow. Purple 0ºC to -2ºC Below-zero-temperature wax, which is used in race… [more]

START Base Wax
$8.00 - $12.00

Start synthetic kick waxes suitable for both old and new snow. The Base wax improves the durability of the waxing. • Base Wax – for normal snow conditions. • Base Wax Extra – for coarse grained and wearing conditions. [more]

Toko Carbon Grip Spray

Spray-on liquid klister wax from Toko. - Easy spray-on application. - 70ml Silver For coarse grained and wet snow near 0ºC Orange For moist and coarse grained snow between 0ºC and -2ºC. Violet For coarse grained and icy snow between -6ºC and -18ºC [more]

Rode Kick Waxes

RODE KICK WAXES - Rode Wax is some of the best kick wax around! Rode P10 Alaska Kick Wax - For very cold, powdery fine grained snow in temperatures that are not variable. Snow temp -15 to -22C ( 5 to -8F) . Rode P15 Special Green Kick Wax - For cold, new snow in temperatures ranging from -10° to… [more]

START Grip Tape

Start Grip Tape gives excellent grip for all conditions, eliminating the need to re-wax daily when conditions change. There is no need for extra waxing tools or special waxing rooms when adjusting Grip Tape. The Start Grip tape box includes all that is needed for applying the tape. The box has 5m… [more]

Swix V Hard Kick Wax

Swix V-line Grip Wax. Here are some of the specs about the different kick waxes: V20 Green New fallen snow:-8°C to -15°C (18°F to 5°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-10°C to -18°C (12°F to 0°F). The well known cold snow wax, used for more than fifty years, has been modernized several times with… [more]

START Grip Tape Cleaner

Get this to clean the Grip Tape off of your bases. 100ml Remove the Grip Tape with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. First moisten your scraper with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. Push the diagonal edge of the scraper towards the base. Draw the tape off. Clean the base with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. [more]

START Synthetic Kick Wax

Start synthetic kick waxes suitable for both old and new snow. The Base wax improves the durability of the waxing. 45g Yellow +3°...+1°C (37°...34°F) 0%...55% Humidity Purple +1°...-3°C (34°...27°F) 0%...55% Humidity Blue -2°...-6°C (28°...21°F) 0%...55% Humidity Green -5°...-10°C (23°...14°F)… [more]

START Tar Kick Wax

Start Tar kick waxes for new and fine snow. Suitable for use as kickwax for hobbyist in all snow conditions. 45g Yellow +2°...0°C (36°...32°F) 55%...75% Humidity Purple 0°...0°C (32°...32°F) 55%...75% Humidity Red 0°...-3°C (32°...27°F) 55%...75% Humidity Blue -2°...-7°C (28°...19°F) 55%...75%… [more]

Toko Nordic Grip Spray

Toko Nordic Grip Spray makes classic waxing easier than ever before. The highlight of this revolutionary wax: Nordic GripSpray adapts intelligently to different snow conditions. Crosscountry skiers no longer need to worry about grip wax or klister conditions and in no time at all have a… [more]

Rex Pro Grip Wax

A line of fluorinated grip waxes optimized for the requirements of classic racing, which means usually either double poling of aggressively "running" uphill. Frequently used in World Cup races by many national teams. When you are looking for a race-day grip wax with best possible gliding… [more]

Swix K21n Silver Universal Klister

The Swix K21n Silver Universal Klister is one of the most popular klisters in the world. +3°C to -5°C (38°F to 23°F). For mixed wet and dry snow conditions (fine/medium coarse) to coarse, moist snow. K21N is an older formula of K21S, but both are designed to work in the same conditions. [more]

Toko Nordic Grip Wax

Nordic Gripwax from Toko. - Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deoderant stick. Green Base Wax 10ºC to -30ºC Used as a base for other grip wax layers and increases abrasion resistance. Yellow 0ºC to -2ºC Snow Temperature Can be used as a grip wax for damp snow falls as well as… [more]

Rode Klisters

RODE KLISTER Rode K10 Blue Special Klister - For hard, icy or coarse-grained snow with temperature between -6c° and -14c°. Ice Klister. This can also be used as a binder. Put down a thin layer, smooth, cool and then Klister of the day. Rode K20 Skare Blue Klister - For hard, icy or coarse-grained… [more]

Swix K21s Silver Universal Klister

+3°C to -5°C (38°F to 23°F). A very flexible klister with silver, working on both sides of freezing when conditions are changing between coarse and transformed moist to wet fine grained snow. The K21S is a newer formula of the K21N klister, but they are both designed for the same conditions.… [more]

Swix KR Klisters

KR20 BASE KLISTER. Green. -3°C to -25°C (27°F to -13°F). High wear resistance and adhesion. To be used as a first layer as a binder for other klisters or hardwaxes in very abrasive conditions. Can also be used alone for icy conditions at very cold temperatures. As a first layer klister, it should… [more]

START Base Klister

Start Base Klister – base klister to keep kickwaxing steady and prevent wax wearing. 55g [more]

START Universal Plus Klister

Start Universal Plus Klisteri – wet snow universal and blending klister +10°…+1°C. 55g [more]

START Universal Wide Klister

Start Universal Wide Klister – universal klister for variable snow conditions alone, or for blending with other klisters and soft kickwaxes +10°…-5°C 55g [more]

Swix K70 Red Quick Klister

Swix Red Quick Klister Spray - Quick and easy application; Push the applicator against the base, in the kick zone, and rub out. 5 fl. oz. Swix Red Quick Klister 0ºC to +15ºC (32ºF to 59ºF). For very wet granular snow. [more]

Swix Kick Wax Base Binder

Kick wax binders are recommended for long races and abrasive snow conditions. Swix makes two options. The VG 30 is for new and newly transformed, fine grain snow in a temp range +1 to -20C. The VG35 is a bee's wax base binder that is tough, but remains flexible when it is "wicked" cold. For cold… [more]

Swix VR Fluorinated Kick Wax

Swix VR Fluorinated Kick waxes and grip wax. VR30 Light Blue New fallen snow: -7ºC to -20ºC (19ºF to -4ºF). Transformed fine grained snow: -10ºC to -30ºC (14ºF to -22ºF). Designed for cold to extremely cold conditions. VR40 Blue Can you say kick's like a mule? New fallen snow:-2°C to -8°C (28°F to… [more]

Swix K65 Quick Klister

- Swix Universal Quick Klister is a great option for touring skiers searching for rapid and convenient wax with reliable kick performance. - Good on coarse snow and when tracks are shiny. - Even more resistant and effective when used together with the Base Binder (V90). - Quick and easy… [more]

Rode Fluorinated Kick Wax

Rode Wax - Fast Flourinated Grip Wax Rode FP36 Blue Special Kick Wax - For new snow, fine-grained snow with temperature between -3° and -7° C and humidity above 70%. Called a Blue wax, it is really Pink. Rode FP32 Blue Super Kick Wax - For new snow, fine-grained snow with temperature between -1°… [more]

Rode Top Line Stick Wax

Rode's new Top Line kick waxes are high performance. - Wax formula specially created for the World Cup. - Ideal for fresh and fine-grained snow. VO: 0 to -2C VPS: 0 to -1C VXPS: 0C [more]

Rex Grip Wax Kits
$56.00 - $60.00

Get started with Rex kick wax NOW! Our Rex Grip Wax Kits give you all the hard kick waxes you need to get started down the classic track. The "Grip" kit comes with all 6 Rex Grip waxes PLUS Rex Base Wax. For the racers, the "Pro Grip" Kit comes with all 4 of the Rex Pro Grip fluorinated waxes. Save… [more]

Rex Power Grip Wax

Specialty grip waxes that combine the best properties of klisters and synthetic grip waxes. Ideal for marathon skiers and long distances due to their outstanding durability and ability to adjust to prevailing conditions because of their thermoreactive ingredients. - Long distance optimized -… [more]


Start MFW-kick waxes and klisters are finishing and blending waxes suitable for high humidity. They can be used alone or in combination with other waxes. 45g Yellow +3°...+1°C (37°...34°F) 55%...100% Humidity Purple +2°...-1°C (36°...30°F) 55%...100% Humidity Red 0°...-3°C (32°...27°F) 55%...100%… [more]

35 Results
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