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Schwalbe Bicycle Tires

Schwalbe Bike Tires About

SCHWALBE, with world headquarters in Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, is the foremost bicycle tire company in all of Western Europe and soon, North America!

Here are some of's favorite tires for road, Mountain and Cyclocross:


Schwalbe Racing Ralph: Light, fast rolling and a favorite of for hard, dry terrain.  Available with an EVO and snakeskin casing and they are tubeless ready.  The Performance version is a great way to get introduced the amazing performance of a Schwalbe tire at a lower price point.  Great for Mountain Bike Riding and Cyclocross.  Comes in 26inch, 29 inch and 700c sizes.




Schwalbe Nobby Nic: In mid summer when the trails are dusty and deep with sand and moon dust.  This is the tire you should reach for FIRST.  The Nobby Nic is a fast rolling tire with high air volume and aggressive knobs for cornering and braking in adverse conditions.  A great all around tire performing equally as good in dry deserty conditions as it is in wet, rooty rainforest-like conditions.  29er, 650b and 26inch sizes available at



Schwalbe Ultremo Road Tire: Lightweight racing tire that has really good grip in dry and some wet conditions.  Low rolling resistance and works great in combo with the wider type HED clincher wheels.  Long lasting for a high end race tire.



 Schwalbe History...Here is how it all began:

1901 - The Velocipede displaced the hand trolley. The wooden, two-wheel "run machine" of Baron Karl von Drais (after 50 years from its invention) is superseded by the pedal-driven bicycle. The Ordinary, or Penny-farthing, disappears from the streets. At this time, in England, Ernst-Wilhelm Bohle creates the first Bohle enterprise in the newly developing bicycle industry.

1911 - With a business partner, Ernst-Wilhelm Bohle sets up the bicycle manufacturer Phillips. It is the coronation year of George V. The German emperors arrive for a fifteen-day state visit in Great Britain.

1922 - Eugen and Willy Bohle create an export business in Bergneustadt for the world-wide selling of bicycle components from German and European manufacturers. They supply, among others, their "affiliated firm" Phillips. In this year, for the first time, wireless pictures are sent from Berlin to the USA.

1955 - Ralf Bohle takes over the business from his father Eugen. Postwar Germany is divided: strengthened parliamentary democracy on the one side, communism on the other. Year by year cars become generally more affordable to ordinary people. Motorized two-wheelers are in fashion. The German bicycle industry loses its export competitiveness and the Bohle export house has virtually no business.

1970 - The oil crisis and collapse of the world monetary system force re-organization. Bohle reacts with crucial steps towards the completely changed world market. Instead of exporting German components, it now imports, from the Far East, for German bicycle manufacturers. Strong foreign contacts, which were nurtured for decades, accelerate the Bohle enterprise.

1973 - The quality of imported bicycle tires from the Far East does not satisfy German manufacturers. Bohle looks for a higher quality producer and finds Swallow-Tires in Korea. Thus begins the German name, SCHWALBE and ensuing success!

1983 - Bohle creates a legend: The "Marathon", Germany's first long lasting tire with high quality puncture resistance. The Marathon is the most-sold Touring and Trekking tire in the world.

1995 - Bohle invests in a new company headquarters at Reichshof-Wehnrath where logistics specialists develop an ultramodern distribution center.

1996 - Moser Enterprises, in Victoria, BC begins to distribute SCHWALBE products in Western Canada. 1998 - Moser Enterprises continues to make strides in developing the Canadian market place and the SCHWALBE brand is sold throughout the country.

2000 - The family's third generation takes position: Ralf Bohle's son, Frank, becomes Sales & Marketing Director and son-in-law Holger Jahn, Technical Director. Moser Enterprises begins its strategic planning of SCHWALBE NORTH AMERICA.

2001 - Moser Enterprises meets with Bohle in Germany to finalize plans for the North American market.

2002 - SCHWALBE NORTH AMERICA is born. Klaus Moser and Celeste Renee Steindl-Moser, owners of the North American distribution for SCHWALBE developed into the US marketplace with outstanding success in the first year.
SCHWALBE NORTH AMERICA prides itself on outstanding customer service, consistency, a superior product at a competitive price, and the endless pursuit of supporting a great sport and a healthy source of transportation.

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